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All holders of shares in the CF Techinvest Technology Fund should have received before Christmas a copy of the official Interim Report and Financial Statements for the period from May 19, the end of the launch period, to October 31.

If you have not yet received your copy or if you are seeking additional copies for family or friends, please contact the Customer Service desk at Capita Financial Managers (see telephone number below). Alternatively, you may send your request direct to Techinvest at our usual address or telephone number, or by email to Non-investors are also invited to request a copy by contacting either CFM or Techinvest.
As reported last month, we are pleased to confirm that the Fund is now eligible for inclusion in Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) by UK tax-residents. To celebrate this, we announced last month a reduction from 5% to 2% in the normal Preliminary Charge applied to all new investments into the Fund during the period between 1 December 2003 and 14 January 2004.

In response to requests, we are now pleased to extend the closing date for this special offer by a week to January 21. It should be noted that the reduction applies equally to both ISA and non-ISA investments.

For any assistance on administrative matters or if your are interested in buying or selling shares in the Fund, please contact:

Capita Financial Managers
4th Floor,
Beaufort House,
15 St Botolph Street,
London EC3A 7HH.

Numbers for Capita:
Technical Support: 0845 3002110 (application forms,literature, etc)
Dealing / Registration: 0845 9220044 (placing an order)
Ticker Symbol: CFTTECA

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