Lipper Fund Awards 2014


Lipper Fund Awards 2014

Lipper Fund Awards 2014For the third year in a row, the MFM Techinvest Technology Fund was honoured at the prestigious Lipper Fund Awards ceremony held annually at London’s Saddlers Hall. This year, however, the Fund scooped two trophies. In addition to the award for top three year performance in the UK Information Technology sector, it was also named winner over a five year period. According to its website, the Lipper Awards “honour the funds that have delivered stronger and more consistent performance than their peers. Lipper’s proprietary fund rating methodology is used to determine the winners. This quantitative approach ensures that the Lipper Awards are performance-based and objective.”

The latest IMA data for the sector to which it belongs shows the MFM Techinvest Technology Fund remains in pole position for the period since the end of 2008. As of the close of 30 April 2014, the IMA table shows the Fund has increased by 284.9% since then, some 140 percentage points ahead of its closest rival. North American content is now70%. Data Source: Bloomberg

Information on how to buy or sell shares in the Fund is contained on the back page of this newsletter. It should be noted that transactions are only carried out once a week, based on the price calculated at noon each Wednesday. As always, remember that “the past is not necessarily a guide to future performance”.

The price of shares can go down as well as up. The past is not necessarily a guide to future performance.
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